Character property and barns for sale North Normandy, France

Barn conversions, unconverted barns, farmhouses, mills, smallholdings, chateaux and unique rural property for sale in North Normandy, France

There are currently no barns in North Normandy for sale.
French property for sale In North Normandy (Haute Normandie)
Departments: Eure and Seine-Maritime

Located in the north of France, the Haute-Normandie or North Normandy region has an English Channel coastline. With ports such as Le Havre and Dieppe, the region gained importance through its international trading links. It is also well linked by road and rail. Easily accessible for the British, this is a rural area with pockets of dense urbanisation. Local produce from the area includes apple juice, calvados and Benedictine liqueur. The region's capital is Rouen, one of the largest and most prosperous cities of medieval Europe. The climate is comparable to that of the south of England.