barnsetc Testimonials

"Another success for Barns etc - third sale with you in less than 10 Years!"

"Happy to report we are under offer having been inundated with interest thanks to your site!"
G. Fox
"Good news, we have accepted an offer on the larger of the two barns and the buyers came via your website! We have also had an offer on the smaller barn, again from your website. Forget Rightmove, yours is far more effective :-)."
M. Osborne, Cornwall
"I am pleased to say the Barns have sold and through a contact from your website. Many thanks for your assistance."
I. Scrowston, Yorkshire
"The feedback and viewings I received through your website was very good with loads of potential buyers. May I thank you again for the way your website enabled me with the sale and I certainly recommend your site."
K. Davis, Carmarthenshire
"Another success for Barns etc - third sale with you in less than 10 Years."
N. Smith, Cambridgeshire
"The barn is sold and I would like to say how happy I am with your services. We had nearly 50 serious / interested parties, three of which would have bought the barn if the sale had fallen through. Your site certainly gets to the right people . . . absolutely first class."
L. Suddaby, Somerset
"Forget estate agents with promises of extensive advertising. Use this site with the friendly approach and efficient administration. We had at least three times the number of enquiries from this site than the combined total from four successive estate agents."
S.G., Norfolk
"Well, it took a while. Yourselves, other ads, an estate agent, auctions, but we have finally sold the barn to a local couple who saw it on Barns Etc. Thank you for all your patience and adjustments to the advert, remarkable these days. Thanks again but you can take it down at last. It's SOLD."
E. Stafford, Cheshire
"Good news! Our barn is sold. The buyers came through you so many thanks for a great service. You've saved me over £10K."
D. Sherwood, West Midlands
"I am delighted to tell you that we are now sold and you can remove the property from your website. It has been an outstanding success. My plan was to give it 4 weeks on your site and then add in my favourite local estate agent to increase our chances. Their contract accepted a private sale . . . they were very happy with this and said "may the best man win!" - however the "best man" had a 4 week head start! They told me afterwards that they thought the chance of a private sale was 100 to 1 against."
B. Mitchell, Shropshire
"I am delighted to inform you that we completed on Friday. The sale was as a direct result of advertising on Barns Etc - I didn't advertise anywhere else... I can honestly say that your management of such a useful and great value website is exceptional."
S Moon, Cambs
"We have sold our mill. Thanks once again for your help, it's the second property we have sold via your website"
D. Howarth, Lancs
"Since advertising with yourselves I have had in access of 70 enquiries from many parts of England and beyond. I am pleased to report that the barn is now sold."
G. Watt, Nottinghamshire
"I'm delighted to tell you I have just accepted an offer for my barn. Your website has proved to be a great way of advertising property and I have been pleased with the number and quality of enquiries I have received as a direct result of being featured on the site. I haven't advertised anywhere else."
S. Moon, Cambs
"We'd been encouraged to accept a low offer by our local estate agent and our sale was progressing very slowly. We listed with Barns etc because we'd lost confidence with both our agent and buyer and wanted to keep our options open. I received a call requesting a viewing, showed a lovely couple around the next day, accepted a higher offer and completed just 22 days later!"
S. Thomas, Staffordshire
"Thanks for all your help in getting my barn sold. I had more people viewing the property from the site than from the agent! In this climate we need every bit of help to sell our properties and your website is a great compliment to having an agent market the property. I passed every enquiry to my agent and he was certainly impressed with the website and leads that it generated. Thanks again."
Adrian, Devon
"Barns etc. delivered many genuine enquiries from people looking for an individual property with barns such as ours, resulting in a speedy sale. We would definitely recommend this site."
Jayne Macfarlane, Cornwall
"Just to say that the barns are now sold. I've been very impressed with the results from Barnsetc. I had a great response with many good potential buyers - much better than from the traditional estate agents who also marketed the property"
R. Horton, Cambridgeshire
"I wish all sites were as simple and effective as Barns Etc. Easy to set up and use; we had an average of 7 enquiries per day. Good service - at a reasonable price."
M. Savege, Suffolk
"Your website is fantastic, the amount of interest I have received after advertising with you has been extraordinary."
J. Callington, Leicestershire
"I was recommended to the 'Barnsetc' website by a friend who had sold and whilst a bit dubious of trying to sell on-line having had three months with a main agent in Stafford and not a single viewing I thought it was worth a try. Six months later following approx eight viewings we exchanged contracts. The pictures / details looked good on the website and it was hassle free with a massive saving on using a local estate agent. I would certainly use 'Barnsetc' again and would recommend to anybody selling."
Steve Mitchell, Staffs
"Just to let you know that we have sold our barn as a result of an enquiry through Barnsetc. We were inundated with enquiries and only wish that we had listed it with you earlier!"
V. Wenban, Kent
"Thank you so much for having such a fantastic site via which we sold our barn. It was an absolute delight to use your service and to save ourselves the extortionate estate agents fees. We can now use that money for the much better use of paying for our flights to emigrate to Australia!!!"
S & V Corbett, Gwent
"Fantastic service - generated many enquiries and ultimately sold our barns! Just wish we would have found you sooner! I recommend this site 100%. Thank you very much!"
Mrs L. Mclean, Liverpool
"We experienced an exceptional level of demand on the properties through your web site and we would not hesitate in using you again."
SJD Architects, Worcestershire
"I would like to compliment you on the number of enquiries our Agents received on our barn from your website and confirm our intention of making use of this marketing tool in our next barn development."
M. Hess, Shropshire
"I'm pleased to report that thanks to the advert we placed with Barnsetc for our barn frame we have just sold it to someone in West Sussex. We never advertised it anywhere else and were delighted with the level of interest - which just shows how popular your site has become. Many thanks."
M. Skipper, Norfolk
"Looking back, we can't believe we ever hesitated in listing. We got ten times more viewings from your site than with the estate agent and found our buyer too. I've been singing your praises to everyone who'll listen. Thank you so much."
Jane S., Yorkshire
"Your site is amazing - We had so many enquiries and found our buyers within 12 hours of it going back on the market! A big gold star for!!!!"
V. Corbett, Gwent
"The response we had from Barnsetc was fantastic. We had many enquiries, lots of viewings and sold to a buyer who had seen the property on your site. Compared to the 1.5% the estate agents wanted, the listing fee was terrific value. Thanks for all your help."
M. Edgar, Lincolnshire
"Just to let you know we exchanged contracts on the barn this weekend (the purchaser was introduced through your site). This is a difficult time with property sales, so we also had it on with an agent. However the enquiries and viewings generated through your site outstripped the agent by about ten to one!"
Bernard, Hertfordshire
"Just to let you know, we completed on the sale of our barn last Thursday. The new owners sold their last property in Kent via your website too! If we ever decide to do it all again we'll most definitely use your site again, it saved us a fortune!"
N. Smith, Cambridgeshire
"I thoroughly recommend using a company such as Barns Etc. It seemed we got serious purchasers who knew what they were looking for through yourselves. Thank you for a fabulous and straight forward easy to use service."
Mr and Mrs Archer, Herts
"Yesterday we accepted an offer on the barn from a buyer generated through your site! Thank you so much for the help and the exposure - it is interesting that in these times when Estate Agents are all selling their "Proactive Selling Policies", your website - niche - well put together - is what works!"
R. Longstaff, Lincs
"I just want to say a big thank you for helping me sell my property for what was a very modest investment. I had loads of enquiries from day one but was looking for someone who was not in a chain. In the end I had three offers and sold quickly. I must have saved around 10k on agents fees! I also had agents phone trying to sell me their services. However without a doubt you have the number one barn site in the UK and a bargain service that delivers first class results. Many many thanks for a superb service."
M. Clintergate, Norfolk
"We had listed our barn with a High Street Estate Agent as well as Barns Etc and received more enquiries through Barns Etc than the estate agents. In the end we sold via Barns Etc saving us £1000s in estate agent's fees . . . I was very impressed with the service and the professionalism."
I. Sweet, Herts
"I just wanted to let you know that we have sold our barn thanks to your website. We completed 2 weeks ago; I wish we had used it before we did, but never mind!"
J. Saunders, West Midlands
"I have sold and have to say that the listing of my premises on the Barns Etc site is in my opinion the most effective media available - thank you!"
L. Venn, Hertfordshire
"I just wanted to let you know that you have had another success! We completed on Friday following a response to the advert on your website. Having had the property on with an agent for 7 months prior to posting the advert with Barns Etc and taking into account the state of the market at the moment we think that it is very impressive! The advertisement had been on your site for less than 3 weeks when the enquiry came in."
K. Bailey, Berkshire
"We have now completed the sale of our barn conversion and although it did not sell through Barnsetc we would like to thank you very much for listing it. We had a lot of enquiries and would happily use your site again should the need arise and will also recommend it to others."
R. Lacey, Sussex
"Great news, the barn has now sold. This was sold via a lead from your site and you achieved what local agents could not. Many thanks again."
J. Paxton, Cheshire
"We have already sold our barn to the first person that came to view! The barn has been for sale with a local estate agent since September and I have not had anything from them at all. Just goes to show that your website really does work!"
Donna H., Lancashire
"I am pleased to tell you that I sold my barn through your site. We had two offers and accepted practically the asking price."
David S., Cheshire
"Although the sale finally originated from a local Estate Agent, it is fair to say that we received far more enquiries from your site than through all of the combined three Estate Agents that we used."
M. Harding, Norfolk
"We have rented the barns! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help. We have had to turn away four more people and that was in the first two weeks! Your site is a great success."
N. Adams, Warwickshire
"Thank you very much for a value for money listing. The response was overwhelming and we completed the sale today. I would not hesitate to recommend your site."
R. & G. Johnson, Carmarthenshire
"I am delighted to let you know as a result of your excellent web site we have today accept an offer - full asking price!"
T. Powis, Kent
"We had a huge response from our Barns etc page and even when our property was under offer were still receiving enquiries. Even though we have bought another barn, I still can't help but look at your site each day to see what new treasures are there."
K. & J. Williams, Hertfordshire
"We have sold our barn to the first people who viewed it a day after it was on the site. Since then we have been besieged with offers!"
M. Pirie, Hampshire
"I am very pleased to tell you that our barn has been sold. Not only did we receive a full price offer within the first four days, but, in consequence of it appearing on your website, a feature article on our barn will be appearing in the county magazine, Sussex Life."
A. Hoare, West Sussex
"I am happy to inform you that I exchanged contracts on the Barn today. You will be just as happy to know that the sale was via your website. I received an offer on the barn in the 1st week of February which in reality was just over 2 weeks after I had put my barn up for sale on your site."
Ron Walker, Lincolnshire
"Thanks to your fabulous website we exchanged contracts today!"
J. and S. Moore, Wiltshire
"Thanks to Barns Etc. we sold our barn. It was the easiest house sale we’ve ever had."
M. Barton, Cheshire
"We would like to thank you for your help and to say we have had in the region of 450 enquiries and even though we completed the sale on Friday we have still been getting emails and phone calls. What a fantastic site you have. We are constantly singing your praises and would recommend you to anyone who wants to sell a barn."
Ian and Michelle, Lincolnshire
"The response through your website has been fantastic - we could have sold the barn many times over!"
K. Purver, Essex
"I am pleased to inform you that we exchanged contracts, completed and moved out of the barn last Friday. I am still receiving enquiries via email! Your site is excellent at generating viewings and we have recommended it to other barn owners."
J. Mills, Hertfordshire
"I am absolutely delighted with your company's service. I still continued to receive genuine enquiries after the barn was marked up as sold subject to contract and your organisation when we started was excellent. A nice change in business today."
M. Younger, Shropshire
"I had a great response to the barn advert from your website. We now have a wonderful family there and are very happy."
G. Davies, Warwickshire
"We are very pleased to let you know that we have completed on our sale. Thank you for an excellent web site. We had a fairly constant stream of enquires over the time it was displayed which resulted in a sale."
M. Cheshire, Buckinghamshire
"Thanks again for all your help in finding us our buyer."
M. Humphrey, Hampshire
"The response received from your website has been very good. The purchaser of the barn enquired only 48 hours of you placing the barn on your site, viewed one day later, and an offer was accepted only 5 days after the barn being listed."
C. Browning, Suffolk
"We had a great response - over 100 emails and about 90 phone calls."
B. Walton, Cumbria
"Just wanted to inform you that I have now sold the barn. After putting it on your website it was under offer within 2 weeks and has just exchanged. Did the calculations and actually saved myself £5,188.50."
L. Beatty, Kent
"We sold to a couple who came via your site and we exchanged contracts with them yesterday. I would certainly recommend you and use you again!"
Tim Elkins, Gloucestershire
"We have had hundreds of enquiries and I can honestly say advertising the barn with you was the best thing we could have done. It is great to have a website where you can reach so many people who are solely interested in purchasing barns. It completely cuts out a large majority of the timewasters you would otherwise get advertising on a general property website."
K. Mantle, Cornwall
"Thanks to your brill website we have accepted an offer on our property - we have had the most fabulous response."
R. Warrington, Powys
"We completed our sale on our Barn Conversion last week. Unfortunately it was via an agent although the response from your website was phenomenal."
N. Smith, Cambs
"Great news! I completed on the barn I had for sale with you on Friday with my buyer using to find the property. The best money I have spent in a very long time!"
M. Boyce, Suffolk
" is a great site on which to advertise and sell your barn. As a retired London Estate Agent I was very impressed for two simple reasons; far more enquiries than a local agent produced with one leading to a very satisfactory sale and all for a small one off registration fee."
R. Tydeman, Shropshire
"Thanks to your website we have had over 250 enquiries (with at least four people willing to gazump our purchasers!) and I am happy to inform you that the sale is now completed on the barn. Your site is great - we couldn't have wished for a better response."
C. Stebbing, Cumbria
"Just to let you know we have exchanged contracts on our barn today from an enquiry through your website. I shall have no hesitation in recommending you for the future."
L. Curtis, Essex
"Your listing is extremely effective. I am pursuing a firm sales offer after just a fortnight."
Gerry, Suffolk
"We have now sold our barn through your website - many thanks. We have been really pleased with the response and the people who came really suited our unique property."
Gayle and Terry, Northamptonshire
"Your website brought endless interest. I only wish I had put it on there in the beginning."
Tracey Hayter, Suffolk
"I am very pleased to inform you that I have now sold my barn. Thank you very much for this fantastic opportunity to advertise and sell my property without the big expense of estate agents. Yours is a very good site and I shall certainly recommend it to others."
Terry C., Rutland
"The sale was actually from an estate agent in the end, but we felt we got just as many viewings from your website."
Susan Green, Essex
"Thanks to your great site, my barn is under offer again! We are buying another barn and will definitely use your site when we eventually sell that one."
M. Ginger, Hertfordshire
"We accepted an offer within two weeks of placing the advertisement on Will definitely sell through you again."
Andy Moir, Surrey
"Thank you for helping us to sell our barn - we are due to exchange contracts this week. Your site proved to be the right choice for us and has created a lot of interest."
J. Priestner, Cheshire
"The barns are now sold thanks to your site!"
Bernard W., Suffolk
"Many thanks for all your help - I had a lot of enquiries through your site and would definitely use it again. I've also recommended it to a lot of people either looking to buy or wanting to sell."
Louise Krieger, France
"We would have no hesitation in recommending anyone wishing to sell a barn conversion or unusual building to use your website."
L. Eskdale, Suffolk
"We were pleased with the response and did in fact sell our converted barn via Barnsetc. We had a steady rate of enquiries and have had 3 or 4 since it's been under offer!"
S. Gilder, Powys
"Your website has an excellent layout, is user friendly, promotes property sales in a highly professional manner and, also, encourages positive feedback from potential buyers."
B. Greenwood, France
"Thank you for selling my barn conversion. We had tried three estate agencies, but the Barnsetc advertisement brought in enquiries from day one and all were of high quality and from all over the world."
"Just to confirm that I have sold my barn. Great to have saved all those estate agency fees!"
C De Lara, Norfolk
"Thanks to your fantastic coverage of my barn, we have sold and moved out. The response was fantastic. Your web site is by far and away the best barn site I've ever seen … and believe me, I've looked at them all."
R. Dawson, East Yorks

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