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Flue Cube Stoves And Fires
FlueCube, Highfield, London Lane, Sissinghurst, Kent, TN17 2AP

Tel: 0844 967 0780



If you have issues with your stove because your chimney is too short or surrounding trees, terrain, buildings etc are causing problems, then you need a Flue Cube.

The flue cube is designed to fit on twin wall flues and chimney pots. Made from quality stainless steel with no moving parts, the FlueCube is bird proof, wind proof and snow proof.

It makes lighting your stove easier, allows the stove to reach its optimum temperature and stops smoke blowing into your home when the wind blows in a certain direction. It also helps the heating of your home while contributing to reducing your fuel bill. Saving on wood means you save money and help the environment.

Ideal for barns and oast houses.

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